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Getting Started with AdRoll

How do I get started with AdRoll?

Before you start, make sure you know:


Getting started in 4 easy steps

  1. Create an account

  2. Activate your account

  3. Request or prepare your own ads

  4. Launch your first campaign


How do I create an account?

Create your account here. You'll be prompted to fill out a form with the following information:

  • First and last name: Let us know what to call you.
  • Email: We recommend using your business email, but any email where you can receive important account information will do. You can view and modify your email preferences once your account is created.
  • Website URL: Enter your website URL.
  • Password: Make sure your password is memorable! Create a password that contains a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters (!@#$%^&*). Also, be sure never to share your password by email to keep your account safe. Learn more about how to keep your account safe.


How do I activate my account?

To activate your account you will need to add your unique AdRoll Pixel to your website:

  1. Copy your AdRoll Pixel.

  2. Paste it (unaltered) in the HTML of your website right above the end </body> tag, or in the universal footer. Make sure your AdRoll Pixel is firing on every page of your website.

Comprehensive instructions for activating your AdRoll Pixel can be found here.


Can you make ads for me?

Yes! Our Design Squad is ready to handcraft six of our recommended web ad sizes and one Facebook ad for you, free of charge. You can order them from your dashboard or via the instructions found here. Submit your request with your:

  • Destination URL: Where do you want your visitors to land after they click on your ad?
  • Brand guidelines: What characterizes your brand? Are you more formal or are you keeping it casual? Explain who your business is.
  • Logo and other brand assets: We’ll need your logo. The rest is optional. If you have any other images that you want us to incorporate into your ads, send them over.

Give us three business days to deliver your ads. While we work on that, launch your first campaign. We’ll automatically upload the appropriate ad(s) to your campaign when they’re ready.


Can I use my own ads?

Of course!

First, make sure that your ads comply with the following formatting and content guidelines. We work with over 500 partners and exchanges, each with their own policies that we have to enforce. Please take the time to prequalify your ads so we can approve them right away!

When your ads are ready, upolad them directly to your first campaign. Or, if you’re not quite ready to launch your first campaign, upload them to your Ads library.


How do I launch a campaign?

Check out our comprehensive instructions on how to launch a campaign.

Here's our quickstart guide to launching a campaign:

Click the “New Campaign” button under Start Your First Campaign

Step 1: Facebook or web

  • The web is good for reach: We serve your ads everywhere your visitors go, not just Facebook.
  • Facebook is good for social engagement: Visitors can like, comment, and share your post with their network.

Step 2: Basic campaign settings

  • Budget: The amount you want to spend each week on retargeting. You’ll need to budget at least $25.
  • Schedule: If you do not adjust this, your campaign is set to start immediately with no firm end date (you can specify an end date later). Your campaign run time should be at least two weeks.
    • Start Date: when you want your campaign to start serving.
    • End Date: when you want your campaign to end.
  • Geotargets: Geotargets can be set to include or exclude specific locales.

Step 3: Audience

  • If you are running a general brand campaign or just getting started, select All Visitors.
  • Learn more about audience segmentation options.

Step 4: Ads

  • If you’re working with our Design Squad for ads, skip this step.
  • To upload your own ads, drag and drop your files or browse for them. 

Step 5: Payment and review

  • You’ll need to enter a credit card or link PayPal to launch your campaign.
  • If you have promotional credit to cover your full weekly campaign budget, you will not be charged when your campaign is approved to run. You will only be charged when your promotional credit runs out. Learn about promo credit at AdRoll.

Click “Launch Campaign” when you’ve confirmed your campaign details to submit it for review. When your campaign is approved, your campaign status will switch from pending to active.

Reviews are completed within one business day, so if you notice that your campaign is still pending after 24 hours, please check your email or message center to see if there are any adjustments needed to move forward.


What’s next?

While you wait for your campaign to be reviewed, consider taking these next steps:

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