Schedule Reports

In your Campaign Reports, choose the report you want to schedule and navigate to Actions. Choose the Schedule from the dropdown.


  • Set your report frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • You can choose to receive “month-to-date” metrics.
  • If you select a weekly frequency, select which day of the week you want to receive the report.

Note: All reporting and scheduling use UTC.


Recipients and messaging

  • You can select any users on your AdRoll profile to receive reports.
  • Add more users to your account so that they can receive scheduled reports by going to Additional Users.
  • Click Save to schedule your report.

Scheduled report emails

  • Your scheduled reports will be emailed to recipients on your selected cadence.
  • Simply click the link in the email to download your report.

Unschedule or change the frequency of report emails

  • You can view all your scheduled reports in the Scheduled Reports tab
  • Select a report to see its settings; frequency and mailing list
  • Update these settings and schedule the report again or select to unschedule it.


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