Filtering by Funnel Stages

What are funnel stages?

To better understand the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and determine where to allocate marketing resources, you may consider the campaign's objective and its position within the sales funnel. By filtering based on the funnel stage, you can more readily recognize campaigns with similar objectives, evaluate their efficacy and compare their performance.

What do the funnel stages mean?

  1. Awareness: Campaigns that belong to the top of the funnel with objectives like Reach, Brand Awareness, and any objective related to finding new users.
  1. Consideration: Campaigns that belong to the middle of the funnel with objectives like Traffic, App Installs, Lead Generation, and any other objective meant to engage with users that have been to the site.
  1. Conversion: Campaigns that belong to the low of the funnel with objectives like Conversions, Sales and Order, and any objective that is aimed to move people over the line to purchase.

In case we can’t automatically match the objective of your campaign to one of the funnel stages, you will find that campaign under 'Other'.

Where can I find this filter?

You can find and use this filter in the Social & Display Ads tab of your dashboard. This page includes a complete overview of your campaigns. When you select a filter, it will impact your overview and the individual campaign breakdowns.



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