Granular Conversion Reports

Your granular conversion report (GCR) helps you understand the channels, campaigns, and ads that influence your conversions. View conversion journey details, such as time from first touch to conversion, attributed touchpoints (receive a portion of credit for the conversion), and influenced touchpoints (contribute to the conversion but aren't always awarded credit).

To view your GCR, navigate to your Reports tab and click Granular Conversions.

Understanding your report

Attributed conversions The number of conversions attributed to your AdRoll ads based on your selected attribution model. If the impression or click is attributed the conversion, the value will be 1. If the impression or click influenced the conversion, the value will be 0.
Ad The ad that resulted in a conversion.
Ad size Size of the converting ad.
AdGroup The AdGroup that served the converting ad.
Attribution conversion ID  The unique identifier for the attributed or influenced conversion. 
Attribution credit The type of credit assigned: attributed or influenced
Attribution model The attribution model applied at the time of conversion.
Attributed revenue Revenue for the attributed conversions (only populates if you either specify a fixed conversion value or have enhanced conversion tracking set up).
Campaign Name of the campaign that served the converting ad.
Campaign type Name of the campaign type that served the converting ad (Brand Awareness or Retargeting).
Channel Name of the channel that served the converting ad (Web, Facebook, Email).
Click-through conversion (CTC) A goal completion that happens after someone clicks your ad.
Conversion time  When the conversion happened.
Conversion type There are two types of conversions: click-through (CTC) and view-through (VTC).
Conversion value Revenue associated with the conversion. Only populates if you have a fixed conversion audience or if you have enhanced conversion tracking set up
Country/city If available (provided by the network, unavailable on Facebook): the country and city where the conversion happened.
Days to conversion (first touch) Time from first AdRoll touch to conversion (days).
Days to conversion (last touch) Time from last AdRoll touch to conversion (days).
First-touch timestamp When the first AdRoll touch occurred.
Last-touch timestamp When the final AdRoll touch occurred.
Referrer URL URL preceding the conversion.
Segment (audience) The associated conversion audience.
Touchpoint timestamp The last preceding AdRoll touchpoint, such as an impression or click.
View-through conversion (VTC) A goal completion that happens after someone views your ad, but doesn’t click.

Any custom data that you define in your enhanced conversion tracking script will also be reported on your GCR as external data. In addition to order values, the most common variables passed back through enhanced conversion tracking are order ID and user ID. 

How to use your GCR

Use this report to understand all the influenced and attributed touchpoints for your AdRoll campaigns. Take the information in this report to expand your internal reporting and help expand your understanding of conversion details.

Missing data from Facebook campaigns

Facebook has limitations on what information can be passed back during the conversion event. This results in some variables like AdRoll Conversion ID and Touchpoint Timestamp to not be included with the Facebook conversion. There are still a lot of variables reported that you can use to better understand your Facebook conversions.

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