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Granular Conversion Reports

Your granular conversion report (GCR) shows detailed information about your conversions, such as when your conversions occur and which ad prompted the conversions. You can set up enhanced conversion tracking to get more context. 

To download your GCR, choose the Profile Overview report.


Reading your report

In order from left to right, your GCR contains the following information:

  • Conversion Time: When the conversion happened.
  • Conversion Type: There are two types of conversions: view-through-conversions (VTC) and click-through-conversions (CTC).
    • VTC: Someone saw your ad and returned independently to convert.
    • CTC: Someone clicked on your ad and returned to convert.
  • Campaign: Name of the campaign that served the converting ad.
  • AdGroup: Name of the AdGroup that served the converting ad.
  • Ad: Name of the ad that resulted in a conversion.
  • Segment: The targeted segment that resulted in a conversion.
  • Conversion Value: Revenue associated with the conversion (only populates if you either specify a fixed conversion value or have enhanced conversion tracking set up).
  • Country/City: If available (provided to us by the network; this is unavailable on Facebook campaigns) the country and city where the conversion happened.
  • Final Event: The last interaction the user had with your campaign before converting.
  • Final Event Timestamp: When the final event occurred.

Any custom data that you define in your enhanced conversion tracking script will also be reported on your GCR as external data. In addition to order values, the most common variables passed back through enhanced conversion tracking are order ID and user ID. Examples of additional variables that you might be interested in passing are:

  • Membership type (for example if you have standard and VIP customers)
  • Promo codes used
  • Billing zipcodes


Set up enhanced conversion tracking

To learn more about enhanced conversion tracking, click here.

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