Bring back Mid-Intent Customers

This strategy entails targeting people who are showing signs of interest in your brand, but who haven’t interacted with your website as much as some in the high intent group of customers. We recommend that you dedicate up to 20% of your budget to this strategy.

There are four different types of ad campaigns that we recommend that you set up: 

  • Web retargeting using dynamic ads to target shoppers who view 1+ products, but not more than 3
  • Web retargeting using static ads to target shoppers who view 1+ pages, but not more than 3
  • Social media retargeting using dynamic ads targeting shoppers who have viewed 1+ products or pages, but not more than 3

We also recommend that you set up an email capture modal, an automated welcome series and send emails ongoing promotions, products and more. 


People who visit a cart


People who finish the conversion process

Cookie duration

30 days

Creative best practices

Use one of our easy to setup dynamic ads to serve customers with personalized experiences based on their previous behavior. 

Frequency cap

Leave this as the default value

Optimization strategy

Optimize for conversions

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