Budget Tips

The number of unique visitors to a website has a strong correlation with potential budget. Sites that have more traffic are able to effectively spend more. When setting up a campaign, advertisers should keep this factor in mind to ensure campaigns are successful and reaching their full potential.

When a new advertiser wants to setup a campaign, our account team suggests starting with the following ranges depending upon the size of the segment being targeted. Keep in mind, these visitors are based on a 90-day window:

  • 10k - 25k visitors: $55 - $110 per day
  • 25k - 50k visitors: $110 - $215 per day
  • 50k - 100k visitors: $215 - $430 per day
  • 100k - 500k visitors: $430 - $2150 per day

These ranges are based on visitors accumulated over 90-day lists and assume full inventory reach.

Take advantage of promotions

Big promotions, such as product launches, discounts, and viral campaigns, can spike your website traffic. Your lists will stay larger for longer than the promotion time period. You should take this into account when forecasting the costs and impact of the promotion.

Adjust budgets for seasonality

Most businesses have seasonal rises and declines in site traffic and interest. A tax preparation website in the US may see increased site traffic from February through April. Vacation destinations and travel websites often have high and low seasons. Retail and ecommerce websites are skewed toward the holiday season.

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