Campaign Troubleshooting

After setting up a campaign, let it run for at least 48 hours so that finalized metrics can reflect on the AdRoll dashboard. Afterwards, if the campaign still doesn’t start serving, you should assess and troubleshoot it. 

The objective of troubleshooting a campaign is to fix any problem that might have emerged since its launch.

Bell icon

Located on bottom of the left navigation menu of your AdRoll dashboard, the bell icon is where you will find all your account notifications including any issues affecting your campaign.


Troubleshooting checklist

Events that could contribute to the reason for your campaign not serving can be categorized as follows. You can cross verify your campaign with each of these points:

  1. Settings Make sure the date range on the dashboard is set to the current date.

  2. Audience — If the target audience is too narrow, you may choose to assign more audience segments or allow some time for the AdRoll pixel to collect enough users.
  3. Ads — If your ad banners are not in line with the policies we have in place or if the ad banners included in a campaign fail the review, no impressions will be served. You will receive an email on the registered email address along with a notification on the AdRoll dashboard for ad rejection. Once the recommended changes have been implemented on the ad banner, please reach out to our Customer Support team and they’ll assist you by looking into the possibility of getting the ad banner approved.

Brand Awareness Campaign troubleshooting

Even if you have low site traffic, you can still run the AdRoll Brand Awareness campaign (Lookalike/Contextual/Demographics & Interest), that helps you bring new users. However, we would at least require enough information about the high-intent users visiting the website, so that we can bring in similar potential users to the site.

    • For Web Brand Awareness campaigns to ramp up, allow the pixel to collect minimum 100 users from the site. 
Note: Contextual targeting on web does not require any minimum users. It will serve with zero users as well, because the ads will be displayed on specific category websites to attract new users.
  • For Social Brand Awareness campaigns to start serving, allow the pixel to collect minimum 1000 users from the site. 

Retargeting Campaign troubleshooting

If your target audience is too narrow, please know that there won’t be many/any impressions served while running the AdRoll Retargeting campaign. Here are some tips that can be implemented from your end increase the campaign reach

  • Target more audience segments.
  • Increase the targeted audience segment duration, so that a user is cookied for a longer period of time. 
  • Create a CRM Audience. If you already have the potential list of users to target, you can upload the .CSV files (list of email addresses) to the dashboard, edit the desired campaign to target this list under the Audiences section. 
  • Launch a Brand awareness (prospecting) campaign which will increase your site traffic and simultaneously support the retargeting campaign.  

Email Campaign troubleshooting

We collect emails from the users who submit their emails on any of the forms available on your site and store them in a hashed format. Later, we use these hashed emails to retarget the users by sending emails to their inboxes. If your audiences are too small, please know that there won’t be many impressions served while running the AdRoll Email campaign. Here are some tips that can be implemented from your end to increase the reach of the campaign

  • Choose to target more audience segments manually.
  • Make sure the AdRoll pixel is firing correctly on the web page where the users submit their email address, using our chrome extension PixelPal
  • Sending regular Newsletters helps to build a relationship with the audience and keep your brand on top of their mind.

If you’ve met all of the requirements and still are unable to troubleshoot the campaign, please email your Account Manager or reach out to our Customer Support team.

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