Edit Your Campaign

You can edit pending, active, or paused campaigns anytime.

Changes that don't affect your campaign content will apply immediately.

This includes:

    • Budget
    • Date range (e.g., adding an end date)
    • Adding or removing an audience
    • Removing or pausing an ad

There will be a delay if your changes need to be reviewed for content.

This includes:

    • Adding new ads to your campaign
    • Editing your ad's landing page
    • Editing your Facebook ad's text fields

Changes will appear as pending and will be reviewed within one business day of submission.

How to Edit your Campaign

  1. Go to your Ads tab under Campaigns.
  2. Hover over the campaign you want to edit.
  3. Click the Ellipsis Icon > Edit.
  4. Make your edits and click Save.

Edit Options 

You will have the option to edit the following areas under Campaign and AdGroup settings.

Campaign Settings

  • Campaign Name 
  • Daily Budget
  • Optimization Strategy — It can be set to impressions, clicks or conversions based on the goals. To learn more, check out Bid Strategies.
  • Start and End dates for the campaign
  • Advanced Options — Create a new ad group. Also, apply campaign settings like:
      • Dayparting You can use dayparting to select specific days of the week that you want your ads to serve (or not to serve), or specific times of day. To learn more, checkout  Dayparting Your Campaign.
      • Frequency Capping — Frequency Capping refers to the number of times your ads appear to the same person in one day from an AdRoll campaign. To learn more, checkout Adjusting Frequency Caps.

        Note: Applying frequency caps is not recommended as it will restrict our partner Ad Networks from showing your ads to the users, subsequently affecting the performance of the campaigns.

AdGroup Settings  

  • AdGroup Name
  • AdGroup Schedule — You can set a different schedule for an AdGroup if you want this AdGroup to run on a different schedule than your campaign.
  • Audience — Target or Exclude the audience segments (Retargeting Campaigns) you want along with Setting Location Parameters(Geotargets). Choose target attributes and categories (Brand Awareness campaigns).

    Note: By default, all devices (Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App ) will be included to ensure maximum reach. If you wish to exclude any device, please reach out to the Customer Support team.
  • Ads — You can Choose, Create, Upload or Request Free Ads.
      • Choose: Select ads present in your Ad Library.
      • Create: Create custom ads using our easy-to-use tool. You can create Native Ads and Dynamic Ads (if the option is enabled).
      • Upload: Upload finished ads directly to the campaign.
      • Request Free Ads: You are entitled to place a free ad request every 90 days. To learn more checkout Get Free Ads

Relaunch Completed Campaigns

If your campaign is completed, it will show up as ended. You can relaunch a completed campaign by removing or specifying a new campaign end date.

To do this, edit the campaign you want to resume and change the start and end dates.

Rejected Campaigns

Rejected campaigns cannot be edited. Instead, launch a new campaign with your revisions.

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