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Audience Duration

Your audience duration is the amount of time that a visitor remains in the defined audience. Each time a new unique visitor comes to your site, your AdRoll Pixel will cookie the visitor and add them to the appropriate audience.

You can set your audience duration from 1 to 120 days.


Recommended Duration

We recommend a duration of 90 days. Longer durations expose the same ads to the same audience for an extended period of time and can lead to ad fatigue. If you choose a longer duration, you should refresh your ads every four to six weeks. Shorter cookie durations need less frequent ad refreshes, as the audience changes quickly. You may also want to take your sales cycle into consideration when deciding on a duration.


Edit Your Duration


  1. Navigate to your Audience tab.

  2. Find the audience you want to edit.

  3. Click New Duration.

  4. Update the Duration field.

  5. Save.

Editing your audience duration is useful if you:

  • Know that your visitors are more likely to convert within a set timeframe.
  • Want to delay offering additional incentive to convert.
  • Have a campaign strategy that requires you to control the timing of when your target audience sees your ad. 


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