BidIQ: Optimization Made Easy

BidIQ, AdRoll’s Machine Learning AI, optimally prices bids and paces budgets to maximize ROI on ad campaigns that are aligned to the goals of performance marketers. AdRoll is powered by 10+ years of machine learning that is continuously optimized by the ingestion of bid and campaign data from thousands of advertisers as well as behaviors and interests of a vast number of individual internet users.

BidIQ finds your audience across web, social, native, and mobile devices. By processing millions of data points, it helps you select the right user for the best price. You show ads that deliver results, and BidIQ incorporates the learnings into future campaigns.

The Benefits

  • Scale: Artificial Intelligence is only as intelligent as the volume of quality data it processes, and BidIQ consumes two times more data than the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Quality: BidIQ has optimized digital marketing strategies for clients of every size and vertical, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.
  • Flexibility: BidIQ performs everything from bidding to product recommendations, and learns new digital campaign strategies every day.
  • Full-Funnel: With BidIQ you can make informed decisions across the entire customer journey and get even smarter with every action taken.

How it Works

BidIQ drives performance by bidding uniquely for every impression, submitting high bids for high-quality impressions and high-intent users and bidding lower for low-quality impressions. The average of these bids determines your CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Since we do not want to keep your campaign from going after visitors that are really likely to convert, we do not impose a maximum CPM. 

What does this mean for you?

It's important to take into consideration all cost metrics when evaluating your campaign performance: CPM, CPC (cost per click), and CPA (cost per acquisition). CPM is a measure of your operating costs, while CPC and CPA are better measures of the value that your campaign is driving.

If we're buying fewer impressions with your budget (increased CPM), but ultimately driving more clicks and conversions with these impressions (decreased CPC or CPA), this means that we're hitting the right impressions to help drive optimal performance. In other words, you get quality over quantity.

That being said, if you have a CPM target, you can set it by updating your campaign's bid strategy.

Set a Target CPC or CPM

Learn more about bid strategies and performance targets.

Geotargeting and BidIQ

BidIQ will automatically adjust bids to factor in location and time of day. If your product or service is only available in certain regions, use the broadest geotargets possible so that BidIQ can optimize across all possible locations.

Campaign Optimizations

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