Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard vs. Google Analytics

Both Google Analytics measurement reporting and our cross-channel performance dashboard are based on the same data — UTMs.

However, we provide richer insights and more in-depth reporting than Google Analytics.

Benefit #1: Campaign Optimization Suggestions

We comb through the data and provide campaign-based optimization suggestions. Quickly see which campaigns are doing well and which ones are under performing.


We will recommend budget increases and decreases to improve overall conversion and revenue activity per campaign. This lets you understand your campaign performance and quickly capitalize on trends to get the most ROI.



vs. Google Analytics: Google Analytics has no comparable optimization suggestions. There are no campaign level insights that allow marketers to quickly reallocate budget or better understand the health of their advertising.

With Google Analytics, you must take additional steps outside of Google Analytics to dig into campaign performance and budget optimization.

Benefit #2: Easy to Read and Visually Appealing

We makes the data easy to read and take action on. We tailor-made this dashboard in order to provide the most value without requiring significant customer time or effort.

Our cross-channel performance dashboard allows you to easily review campaign and channel results with easy to read visuals including charts and graphs. These metrics include conversion, revenue, and AOV metrics across their entire marketing stack.



vs. Google Analytics: Google Analytics requires sifting through the data creating your own custom charts, and GA currently doesn't have an easy way to comprehensively display data such as conversion health, revenue and AOV metrics.

You need to know the ins and outs of GA in order to extract any sort of reporting numbers that are in the proper context.

This takes time and expertise which most marketers lack.

Benefit #3: All-in-One Solution

Your campaign creation, setting up new UTMs, analyzing your campaign performance, and performing optimization changes — all happens in one place. You never have to leave the AdRoll platform.

vs. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is yet another tool that you have to configure in order to get accurate reporting. It takes time and is a hassle to log back in every time a new campaign is created just to get reporting results.

Our reporting tools and UTM dashboard make it easy to stay up to date as well as launch new campaigns, monitor current campaign health and more.


With our cross-channel performance dashboard you get all the benefits of Google Analytics, plus additional features, without the hassle of working in another tool.

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