The Last-Click Gut Check

Using a last click model helps validate performance of all channels.

What to look at: Adjust Attribution Model to ‘Last Click’ and look at where AdRoll falls in the overall ranking. Trying to identify if AdRoll stays in the Top 6 channels, or drops into ‘Other.

What to do next: If one of your key channels drops out of the Top 6, look at Conversion Paths to understand what other channels are being credited for non-last click touches. If it’s a channel like search: performance is okay. If it’s a channel like Facebook: rethink current calculation of Channel CPA and ROAS - you might be giving too much credit to a click-y channel.

Why we like it: Instead of jumping back and forth between Google Analytics and AdRoll, performance credit can be spot-checked in one place.


Impact on Performance and/or Spend: Comparing to other channel types and seeing the trails in addition to understanding the credit with last click makes it easier to track, spend, and trust the reported value.

Marketing Mix: Between 5-7 channels, investing in Google, Facebook, and AdRoll.

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