Cross-Channel Pathways

Combine UTM-tagged marketing activities with your AdRoll campaigns to capture all the different touch points on your customer's path to purchase.


Compare customer journeys to understand how different combinations of channels and campaigns impact business metrics and make smarter marketing investments based on the entire journey, not a single channel.

Sort Common Conversion Paths by Key Business Metrics

This is an aggregated view of your high level conversion trails organized into your most common conversion paths, where you’re able to see the combination of UTM-sourced touch points your customers interact with before purchase. 


You can easily surface top customer paths by Total Revenue, Average Order Value, Touches per Conversion, Time from First Touch, and Time from Last Touch.

Simply use the Order By dropdown to organize your conversion trails by ascending or descending order. 

Engagement to Conversion

For each conversion path you’ll see a corresponding visual with UTM-channel touch points occurring over prior 30-day period (highlighted in the example image). The color blocks show where the concentration of click activity occurs across channels. 

This heat map representation allows you to clearly view where click activities heat up and how that triggers a reaction from your audience to either visit your site and click around or influence purchase decisions.


For example, in the trail featured above, you can see a high concentration of Facebook Social ad interactions towards the beginning of this path, then there's a high level of AdRoll engagement which ultimately pushes users to visit the website and convert. 

Now you have a consolidated view of how your channels are working in tandem you can think about answering meaningful optimization questions like:

  1. What are we doing from a creative perspective?
  2. What are we doing from a messaging perspective and does that align with the sequence of messages users are experiencing across touch points & channels?

Cross-Channel Conversion Trail Metric Definitions

Conversions Defined outcome or event, typically a purchase or order that is to be tracked. These are conversions you've previously created in the AdRoll Audience tab.
Touches Collected UTM-source clicks to the site.
Revenue Associated monetary value for each conversion or purchase.
Engagement to Conversion UTM-channel touch points occurring over prior 30-day period. Based on average first and last touch points per UTM-channel and average frequency. Color indicates when typical touch points occurred.
Time from Last Touch Average time from last tracked UTM-channel touchpoint.
Time from First Touch Average tIme from first tracked UTM-channel touchpoint.
Sort by Average Order Value Largest to smallest average order, or purchase, value for UTM-channel combinations.
Sort by Path Length Longest to shortest average tIme from first tracked UTM-channel touchpoint.
Sort by Top Paths Most common to least common UTM-channel combinations
Sort by Last Touch Shortest to longest average tIme from last tracked UTM-channel touchpoint.
Sort by Revenue Highest to lowest revenue UTM-channel combinations.
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