What are Click & Impression Tags?

Tagging is the process of appending trackers, usually click-URL extensions OR image pixels, to track digital activity across a variety of active channels. Tag your active ads with trackers to capture the ad interaction and tie it back to that specific user’s brand experience as they move along the path to conversion. You can typically track clicks across all channels, while impression tracking is accessible on a limited number of channels.

Click Trackers

For most vendors, you can append our click trackers yourself or request assistance from your account manager. Make sure that the macros are updated properly to reflect your vendor-specific information. Our click tags are made to collect data when a user clicks on your ad. Our tag will fire as part of the destination.

Which channels allow AdRoll Measure click trackers?

Any channel that accepts UTM trackers allows our click trackers.

Impression Trackers

Ask ad vendors to help place your impression trackers. This typically takes 24-48 hours to process. Our AdRoll impression trackers fire when your ad is served and allows us to track impression data and the associated timestamps. We create impression tags for supported channels – see separate instructions for how to place them. If you have an account manager for a particular channel, feel free to reach out to them with the placement instructions.

Here's an example of an impression beacon for advertisable "ABCDEFG" with campaign and ad filled in, if we ran the 3rd party tracker on Outbrain, with a campaign called "Shoesale" and ad name "DiscountedShoesBannerAd2":

<img src="https://d.adroll.com/3rd/imx/ABCDEFG?channel=outbrain&campaign=ShoeSale&ad=DiscountedShoesBannerAd2" border="0" width="1" height"1"/>


Impression trackers can be generated for Criteo, Taboola, Quantcast, and Google.

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