UTM Link Builder

Our Cross-Channel performance dashboard enables you to see the conversion and revenue attribution across all your channels.

This UTM link builder is a tool that allows you to easily tag parameters to all your channels you want to track.


UTM link builder includes macro support which dynamically auto populates relevant piece of code for each corresponding field.

For example, if you select Facebook, it will put a piece of code in the “Campaign Name” field that looks something like [campaign_name]) that will dynamically pull the information for that field.


How it works

The UTM link builder guides you in setting up tracking for your channels.

You only need a couple things to get started:

  • Our AdRoll Pixel placed on your website.
  • UTMs created and placed in the relevant platforms.

How to create a new UTM

  1. Click UTM Attribution under Measure from the left navigation menu.


    If you don't have any Cross Channel Attribution configured yet, you will be dropped into the setup checklist. You can access the UTM link builder by clicking Start Tagging then clicking UTM Link Builder from the pop-up modal.


    You can also access the UTM link builder from the UTM Attribution dashboard by clicking Create New UTM on the top right corner.


  2. Once you're in the UTM link builder, select your channel from the drop down. You'll notice that most fields will be auto populated dynamically with relevant macros based on the channel selected, but you can also manually edit any field.


  3. When you're finished, click Copy Link to copy the UTM link to your clipboard then click Done.
  4. Login to the channel's platform that you created the link for and paste the UTM link.
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