Ratio of Marketing Influenced Conversions vs. Total

Purpose: Look at percentage of total conversions influenced by marketing.

What to look at: Total Attributed Conversions donut visual vs. Total Ecommerce Conversions 

What to do next: Understanding the proportion of conversions that have a known marketing touchpoint creates a baseline Marketing Impact Score that can be monitored quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) and year-over-year (YoY) to understand the general trends in campaign reach and organic/loyal customers. 

Why we like it: Captures overall marketing impact and changes as budgets grow or contract across active campaigns, helps to connect the impact of the team and it’s efforts to create an influx of new revenue and new customers. 

Impact on Performance and/or Spend: Used to justify and share team impact while advocating for resources that allow reach and marketing influence to scale. 

Marketing Mix: 2-5 active channels, leveraging an Ecommerce tool for managing total conversions and revenue.

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