Marketing Influenced Conversions

Purpose: Understand the total impact of active Marketing Channels (based on UTMs)

What to look at: Total Attributed Conversions by channel, your marketing mix visual

What to do next: In addition to looking at each channel’s reported attributed conversions, looking at the volume of de-duplicated, cross-channel conversions helps quantify the ratios of channel impact to then be used to adjust credit accordingly. Compare Channel reported conversions vs. Cross-Channel reported conversions to establish an overlap baseline that can be used to modify the attributed credit for each active channel.  

  1. Aggregate channel reported attributed conversions
  2. Calculate individual channel % of total reported
  3. Look at Cross-Channel Attributed conversions per channel
  4. View individual channel % of total attributed
  5. Compare % from 1 and 4, adjust channel reported attributed credit with an Overlap Modifier

Overlap Modifier: Cross-Channel Reported % - Channel Reported % 

Why we like it: Helps approximate the impact of duplicated conversion reporting and reward channels that earn a share of voice with a true cross-channel model. Not a perfect attribution solution, but a step in the right direction. 

Impact on Performance and/or Spend: Modified credit per channel to infuse a cross-channel model into channel-reported conversions without losing the impact and value of channel view-through conversions.

Marketing Mix: 7-9 marketing channels, 4 reporting with view-through attribution credit.

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