Adjusting Audiences based on Channel Overlap

Purpose: Understand channel overlap to reduce spend redundancies and inter-Channel direct competition.

What to look at: Conversion Paths, sorted by: Top Path, Time to Conversion, Revenue (if applicable).

What to do next: For Channels that consistently show up within the same Conversion Paths and have competing budgets as well as similar audience targets, look at other influenced metrics like Time to Conversion and AOV. If the combination of the overlapping channels is; not driving sales velocity or higher purchase value, look to separate targeting and KPIs to allow each channel to focus on a specific outcome.

Why we like it: Visualizes the sequence of touch points and intensity of overlap to identify where spend is overlapping or competing. Helps validate a case for more thoughtful audience segmentation and targeting across channels.



Impact on Performance and/or Spend: Align budget with campaign or channel objective, reduce overspending/over-exposing super high-value audiences across channels or partners.

Marketing Mix: Between 5-7 channels and actively spending with AdRoll and one other remarketing partner.

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