Navigating AdRoll

Welcome to AdRoll! We're delighted to have you on board. Take a moment to explore the platform by watching the demo video and reading through each section below for a comprehensive introduction.


When you log into AdRoll, you'll first see the Homepage. You'll notice that there are two tabs on the top bar labeled "Grow Your Business", "Performance" and "Insights". Click either of these tabs to navigate back and forth.


Grow Your Business tab — This tab contains all your campaign setup. You can create an a la carte marketing campaign or launch a cross-channel campaign with Marketing Recipes. You can also customize your site and have access to helpful resources to get you going.

Performance tab — This tab contains your site metrics to see how they are trending over time as well as your ad and email campaign performance in one place. 

Insights tab — This tab lets you quickly identify insights about your campaigns and areas of optimization like the time of day with the highest potential performance or the best countries to reach new audiences.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is located on the left side of your screen. You'll be able to access all your marketing tools such as your ad and email campaigns, reporting dashboards, and the Homepage from here. Click on the Screen_Shot_2020-02-14_at_4.29.49_PM.png icon to expand/collapse this menu.

This bar also contains several navigation tools:

Help icon — Directs you to our Help Center, submitting a ticket to our Support team, or sending a feature request for our Product team to consider.

Integrations — You can find all your integrations between AdRoll and other ad platforms under this page.

Bell icon — You can find your notifications by clicking the bell icon. These include updates from the policy team and other important notifications about your account.

Gear icon Where you'll find the settings menu. Here's a quick overview of the options:

Personal Information Enter your name and email, and select your preferred language.
Password and Security Set your password and access your 2-step verification.
Email Preferences Set which AdRoll emails you want to receive.
Company Information Enter your company details here.
Advertiser Profiles Add or remove profiles here.

User Permissions

(Admin only)

Administrators will modify these settings to manage your account and configure AdRoll for your entire team.
Payment Methods Manage your payment options here.
Billing History Check your account balance and view all of your invoices.
Facebook Connect your Facebook page and/or your Instagram account.
Opt-ins View and manage your opt-ins.
GDPR Choose your GDPR consent options.
By IP Address Prevent all ads in your account from displaying on an unwanted computer or network by excluding them to certain Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.
By Domain Add list of domains you don't want to be associated with.

Profile menu — If you have multiple profiles, you can switch between them here or view them all at the same time. You can also log out of your account from here by clicking on the upwards arrow button.

Help Widget

The Help Widget is your main source of support within the AdRoll platform. Our AdRoll Chatbot will try to find relevant knowledge base articles to help you solve your issue. You can also reach out to our Customer Support agents via Live Chat.


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