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Cross-Inventory Bidding

AdRoll gives you the opportunity to take advantage of display, social, and email ads within one platform. One of the benefits of consolidating campaigns that might otherwise exist in many platforms is that you are able to use each channel together to obtain your larger business goal.


For example, when your display and email ads share a common budget and goal, it's possible to move spend between the two to find the perfect ratio that drives the best results. The impact becomes even greater as you add more channels into the mix.


Let’s take a look at the two ways AdRoll improves your results in cross-inventory campaigns.

  1. We make each channel work as effectively as they can by:
    • Finding you the right customer at the best price.
    • Learning about what inventory works best for your specific business.
    • Testing your ads and, if you use dynamic ads, your product recommendations.
    • Refining your audiences to the most likely users to be engaged.
  2. We find the right balance of spend across each channel to get the best result by:
    1. Shifting budget to the top performing channels.
    2. Tuning those budgets as we improve each channel to boost results over time.


By running campaigns with AdRoll, you are getting all of these improvements made on your behalf 24/7 by software that learns more about your business and customers every day.

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