Getting Started with AdRoll

AdRoll is an ecommerce marketing platform built for ambitious and growing, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands giving them the tools and data to grow their business through unified data, channels, and measurement.

This guide is designed to help you set up AdRoll. Click the links below for definitions, inspiration, and exercises to help you get up and running with your account.


First, let's review AdRoll's advertising policies

1. Advertising Policies overview

Now, learn how to navigate the platform

2. Navigate your AdRoll account

Next, connect your website to AdRoll

3. Choose how you gather consent

4. Connect your website to AdRoll

5. Confirm your connection

Finally, learn what you can do with AdRoll

6. Overview of AdRoll products

7. Launch an Ad campaign

8. Create customized and personalized emails

9. Deliver personalized product recommendations to your visitors

10. Integrate your ad campaigns and audiences to AdRoll

Congrats! You're done setting up your AdRoll account.

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