Homepage Performance Tiles

Performance tiles highlight the overall impact of all your AdRoll activity right on your Homepage dashboard.

These tiles provide a quick overview of:

  • Summarized Ads and Email deliveries on one page.
  • Access to reporting deep-dive through linked metrics and callouts, as well as clickable Top Performance tab.
  • Highlighted Campaign and/or Channel combinations and the impact on KPIs.

Types of Performance Tiles

AdRoll displays up to three different performance tiles:

  1. Website Metrics
  2. Ad Campaigns
  3. Email Campaigns

Note: All performance tiles are dynamic will only appear based on the campaigns you have active.

Website Metrics

If your website or ecommerce store is actively utilizing our onsite pixel, this tile will showcase aggregated performance data, including traffic, conversions, and user engagement. Gain a quick understanding of your website's overall effectiveness and identify top-performing pages or products.

For a more in-depth analysis, click through to the dedicated website metrics page. Here, you can explore detailed analytics, track user behavior, and make informed decisions to optimize your website's performance.

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 1.45.02 PM.png

Note: This section will only be visible when the onsite pixel is active on your website or ecommerce store. If not active, this tile will remain hidden.

Ad Campaigns

If you only have Ad Campaigns active, this tile will showcase your campaign-level performance based on the campaign (or combination of campaigns) with the most influenced conversions.

Aggregate the performance data across social and web ads to get a sense of all-in investment, deliverables, and a quick performance highlight for a top creative. Want to take a deep dive? Click through to the campaigns page to get a detailed view of by-campaign performance.


Note: This tile will only appear when Ad Campaigns are active. If not active, this tile will be hidden.

Email Campaigns

Understand the overall deliveries and status of your key email campaigns to get an overview of your email activity. This aggregates all associated email data, regardless of strategy, to give the birds eye view of how things are going. You also have access to dedicated pages to get a more granular view of performance and make any required changes.

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 1.41.33 PM.png

Note: This tile will only appear when email campaigns are active. If not active, this tile will be hidden.


The Insights tab offers a wealth of valuable sections to further enhance your campaign management experience. Explore the 'Your Products' section, where you can seamlessly navigate through products and feeds, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your offerings. Identify the 'Best Countries to Find and Reach New Customers' to strategically expand your audience reach. Uncover the 'Page Categories with the Highest Potential Performances' to tailor your content for optimal engagement.

Moreover, leverage the 'Time of Day With the Highest Potential Performance' insights to refine your scheduling strategies and capture peak audience engagement. Lastly, benefit from the 'Low-Quality Domains Blocked' section, ensuring your campaigns are shielded from less impactful domains. Together, these features within the Insights tab empower you with a holistic view, enabling informed decisions for campaign optimization and success.


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