Restricted Content and Practices: Gambling

Advertising products or services related to gambling are restricted on AdRoll due to variations in legal requirements and publisher suitability.

Businesses that are licensed by the appropriate local gambling authority of one or more of the countries listed below may be eligible to participate in our Gambling Advertising Beta Program. Contact AdRoll Sales for more information.

Eligible Countries

  • Canada (specific province licenses required)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (specific state licenses required)

Otherwise, the promotion of gambling and gambling-related products or services is prohibited, regardless of any gambling licenses held. Please see specific examples below.

How to Fix Disapproved Ads 

If you received an email with any of the following advertising policy violations, please follow the recommended solutions listed below.

Ad Creative Violations

Gambling Content: Ad Creative
Age Restricted Images

  1. Read the policies listed below to learn about the types of gambling content that we do not allow on ad creatives.
  2. Upload new ad creatives that contain compliant content.
    • Make sure that your new ads are added to the campaign(s) that you want to launch. This will automatically trigger the new ads into In Review.

Landing Page Violations

Gambling Content: Landing Page
Age Restricted Images

  1. Read the policies listed below to learn about the types of gambling content that we do not allow on landing pages.
  2. Remove non-compliant content from the landing page that you wish to use as your destination URL.
    • Reach out to the AdRoll Customer Support team once the updates to your landing page have been made to request a re-review. 
  3. If you’re not able to remove non-compliant content, change your destination URL to drive your target audience to landing pages with compliant content.
    • Once you update your destination URL, your ads will automatically trigger into In Review.

Suspended Advertiser Profile - Gambling

If you received a suspension email related to Gambling, it means that we have identified products or services on your website that cannot be advertised. Please review the policies listed below for more information. To speak with a member of our team, reach out to your account manager or contact AdRoll Customer Support.

Online Gambling 

Websites in which the primary offering is associated with gambling are not eligible to run on AdRoll unless the website has been approved for AdRoll’s Gambling Advertising Beta Program.

Note: Marketers who qualify for AdRoll’s Gambling Advertising Beta Program are exempt from the following restrictions, with the exception of our policies around illegal or unlicensed gambling and the inability to target minors.

If you are licensed in one or more of the eligible countries listed above, please reach out to our sales team for more information about our Gambling Advertising Beta Program

Ex.png Online, real money gambling or gaming

Ex.png Free or paid casino games

Ex.png Games of chance or skill that involve monetary wagers or rewards

Ex.png Gambling-related promotional products, e.g., vouchers or gambling credit

Ex.png Gambling software or programs

Ex.png Gambling-related strategy, advice, or information

Ex.png Government-sponsored lotteries

Ex.png Any internet-based game in which real money or prizes are exchanged or wagered depending on the result of a game 

Ex.png Paid gaming sites

Ex.png Paid fantasy sports

Ex.png Sports betting

Ex.png Unlicensed or illegal gaming

Ex.png Scratch card purchases

Ex.png Gambling or games with virtual currencies

Ex.png Aggregator or affiliate gambling-related websites 

Ex.png Penny auctions or related websites that require a non-refundable fee in order to place a bid on any item or servic

Offline Gambling 

Ex.png Brick-and-mortar casinos (gambling establishments)

Ex.png Physical establishments promoting gambling 

Ex.png Poker tournaments

Gambling-Related Content

Ex.png Advertising irresponsible gambling behavior 

Ex.png Promoting gambling activity to minors 

Ex.png Financial spread betting

Ex.png Competitions/Sweepstakes

Ex.png Offline gambling accessories

Ex.png Social casinos

Ex.png Online simulated social casino games whereby the user can win monetary prizes or rewards, including virtual currencies

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