Restricted Content and Practices: Weapons and Other Dangerous Products or Services

AdRoll strives to promote a positive advertising experience for both our customers and the audiences that see our customers’ ads. As such, AdRoll will not approve websites that promote weapons or any products, services, activities, or content that may be deemed illegal, dangerous, or which may cause serious harm or injury.

Examples of content that may be prohibited or restricted in relation to weapons or dangerous products and services are outlined below.

How to Fix Disapproved Ads 

If you received an email with any of the following advertising policy violations, please follow the recommended solutions listed below.

Ad Creative Violations

Weapons: Ad Creative
Ad Creative: Dynamic Ad Restriction

  1. Read the policies listed below to learn more about the types of weapons and other dangerous content that we do not allow on ad creatives.
  2. Upload new ad creatives that contain compliant content.
    • Make sure that your new ads are added to the campaign(s) that you want to launch. This will automatically trigger the new ads into In Review.
  3. Dynamic ads are not permitted for websites that contain weapons and dangerous content. Please upload static banners that depict compliant content.
    • Make sure that your new static banner ads are added to the campaign(s) that you want to launch. This will automatically trigger the new ads into In Review.

Landing Page Violations

Weapons: Landing Page

  1. Read the policies listed below to learn more about the types of weapons and other dangerous content that we do not allow on landing pages.
  2. Remove non-compliant content from the landing page that you wish to use as your destination URL.
    • Reach out to the AdRoll Customer Support team once the updates to your landing page have been made to request a re-review. 
  3. If you’re not able to remove non-compliant content, change your destination URL to drive your target audience to landing pages with compliant content.
    • Once you update your destination URL, your ads will automatically trigger into In Review.

Suspended Advertiser Profile - Dangerous Products & Services

If you received a suspension email related to Dangerous Products and Services, it means that we have identified products or services on your website that cannot be advertised. Please review the policies listed below for more information. To speak with a member of our team, reach out to your account manager or contact AdRoll Customer Support.


Ex.png Ads that promote the sale or use of explosives

Ex.png Any product which may cause damage to people or property

Ex.png Products that provide instructions on how to make bombs or explosives

Ex.png Blogs or forums dedicated to making explosives 

Ex.png Nail bombs

Ex.png Chemical bombs

Ex.png Grenades

Ex.png Firecrackers

Ex.png Fireworks


Ex.png Any device that discharges a projectile at high velocity with the potential to cause injury

Ex.png Sporting guns 

Ex.png  Recreational guns 

Ex.png Self-defense guns

Ex.png Handguns

Ex.png  Rifles

Ex.png Hunting guns

Ex.png Shotguns

Ex.png Antique guns which are still functioning

Ex.png Any type of firearms

Ex.png Combat devices that have the potential to cause serious injury

Ex.png BB guns

Ex.png Blowguns

Ex.png Paintball guns

Ex.png Airsoft guns

Ex.png Ammunition 

Ex.png Silencers

Ex.png Shooting ranges

Ex.png Gunsmiths

Ex.png Gun or weapon-related books, magazines, or websites

Ex.png Firearm training or Concealed Carry Permit services

Ex.png Ads that depict images of guns

Websites promoting weapon accessories or safety products that do not feature any images of weapons may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Examples include: 

⚠️ Gun holsters

⚠️ Gun safes

⚠️ Gun locks


Knives that are not intended for tactical or combat purposes may be eligible to run ads via AdRoll.

Check.png Kitchen knives

Check.png Utility knives

The below products are not eligible to run:

Ex.png Fighting or combat knives

Ex.png Self-defense knives

Ex.png Switchblades (flick knives)

Ex.png Gravity knives

Ex.png Military knives

Ex.png Hunting knives

Ex.png Sword canes

Ex.png Swords

Ex.png Push daggers

Ex.png Butterfly knives

Ex.png Any type of disguised knife, e.g., a blade or sharp point hidden inside what appears to be an everyday object such as a phone, brush, or lipstick

Ex.png Ads that depict images of knives that are used for tactical or combat purposes

Other Weapons

Any other products that may cause injury or harm to an individual are not eligible to run. This includes self-defense, combat, or sport products.

Ex.png Push daggers

Ex.png Throwing axes

Ex.png Throwing stars

Ex.png Brass knuckles

Ex.png Tasers

Ex.png Pepper spray

Ex.png Samurai swords

Ex.png Batons

Ex.png Nunchucks

Ex.png Truncheons

Ex.png Hand or foot-claws

Ex.png Knuckle dusters

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