Prohibited Content and Practices: Tobacco Products and E-Cigarettes

Websites which advertise and sell tobacco are not eligible to run via NextRoll. Please see a thorough breakdown below. 

Tobacco Products

Any products or websites which contain tobacco, or promote the use of tobacco, are not eligible. This includes: 

Ex.png Tobacco

Ex.png Tobacco filters

Ex.png Cigarette sales

Ex.png Chewing tobacco

Ex.png Rolling tobacco

Ex.png Pipe tobacco

Ex.png Cigarette branding

Ex.png Products or services facilitating drug use

Ex.png Marijuana

Ex.png Rolling papers

Tobacco Related Products

Tobacco related products are not eligible to run via NextRoll. This includes:  

Ex.png E-cigarettes

Ex.png Vaporizers

Ex.png Cigars 

Ex.png E-juice

Ex.png Hookah lounges

Ex.png Cigar bars

Ex.png Smoking rehabilitation programs or facilities

Ex.png Tobacco accessories

Ex.png Vaporizer accessories

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