Prohibited Content and Practices: Data Collection and Usage

Data protection is a top priority for NextRoll. Your website(s) and landing page(s) must ensure that necessary security measures are in place to protect the collection and use of your customer data. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in penalties imposed by third parties and will impact your eligibility to run with NextRoll.

Inadequate Data Security

Websites must contain sufficient data security measures for the type of information being collected based on relevant industry standards. For example, if your website collects personal data it should:

Check.png Collect personal data via a secured page which is SSL protected or certified

Check.png Comply with applicable data security standards (e.g., Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”))

Personal Information Misuse

Websites or advertisers should not use personal information of a customer in any unauthorized manner. This includes:

Ex.png Any ads which targets an individual based of of sensitive personal information, e.g., financial or health status 

Ex.png Imagery of users in ads without proper consent

Ex.png Collection or use of data without a lawful basis 

Ex.png Selling or reselling contact information or other personal information about an individual without a lawful basis and/or appropriate notice and the opportunity to decline the sale of such information

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