Prohibited Content and Practices: Enabling Dishonest Behavior

NextRoll does not promote services or products that are intended to advertise dishonest behavior or practices. 

Counterfeit Products

NextRoll will not approve products or websites promoting counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods generally contain a trademark or logo of another brand without consent from the brand owner. Counterfeit products generally replicate the product as made by the actual brand owner or infringe upon the trademark of the brand owner. 

This includes: 

Ex.png Replica products

Ex.png Imitation Products

Ex.png Fake Products

Ex.png Cloned Products 

Ex.png Counterfeit documents, including passports or degrees

Misleading Products

NextRoll will not approve content in which products used to mislead or confuse others are promoted. This includes: 

Ex.png Creation of false or fake official government/state documents, such as passports

Ex.png False Diplomas, Degrees, or equivalent education qualifications 

Ex.png Academic or exam answer guides

Ex.png Artificial examination scores

Ex.png Academic aid providers, e.g., essay writing services

Ex.png Drug Test aids

Ex.png Programs that claim to teach individuals how to make money

Ex.png Selling user activity that has been falsified such as invalid clicks or reviews

Products which Enable Unauthorized Changes

NextRoll will not approve content in which products or services enable a user to gain access or make changes to systems, property, or devices without authorization. This includes: 

Ex.png Hacking services

Ex.png Radar jammers

Ex.png Changing traffic signals

Ex.png Phone tapping

Ex.png Laptop tapping

Ex.png Cable Stealing

Products or Services to Artificially Inflate Traffic

NextRoll will not approve content in which customers may purchase or download services to artificially increase traffic to a website or ad. This includes: 

Ex.png Buying likes, e.g., facebook likes

Ex.png Buying followers, e.g., twitter followers 

Ex.png Buying viewers, e.g., youtube views

Ex.png Buying artificial page traffic

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