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URL-Based Audience

A URL-based audience organizes visitors based on pages or products they browse. URL-based audiences are the easiest to set up. Aside from placing your AdRoll Pixel, no further changes need to be made to your website to set up this audience type.

Create a URL-Based Audience

  1. Log in to AdRoll and navigate to the Audience tab.

  2. Click New Audience and make sure that the Audience Type is set to URL Visited.

  3. You can create a New Audience if you want to define the audience by one URL, or create a New Composite Audience to use multiple URLs.

Special URL Characters

There are two special characters used in URL audiences: * and ?. These characters are called "wildcards" and are placeholder variables that represent either a single character or a string of characters.

The larger your audience, the more we can optimize within it. Unless you have thousands of visitors coming to your website every day, we don't recommend using an individual URL to define your audience. Instead, use special characters to help you define more general URL-based rules.

Learn more about special characters.

URL Patterns

A URL pattern is a unique series of letters and characters that appears in the URLs of your site pages. Use your URL patterns when you're setting up your URL-based audience.



  • If you create a segment with the URL pattern */category/section/page/, your segment will capture any traffic to that specific page.
  • If you create a segment with the URL pattern: */category/*, your segment will capture any traffic to a page that contains the phrase “/category/”.
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