User Event Audience

To create this audience type, you have to use the updated pixel. This audience type is also useful for tracking events such as form submissions and seamless for single-page applications.

When to use an User Event Audience

  • JavaScript buttons
  • Tracking conversions that need to be completed on a separate website (common with event promotion) 

User Events Supported

  • Homepage 
  • Product search
  • Page view
  • Cart 
  • Conversion

Pixel Requirements

The updated pixel should be used in order to use the User Event Audience. The track function in the updated pixel should be triggered by the desired event we support. The best practice here will depend on the existing website structure. Consult your technical team for any questions. 

Create an User Event Audience

  1. Go to the left navigation menu and click Website under Audiences.
  2. Under the Audience Type drop down, select User Event.
  3. Type your Audience Name, then click copy ID to clipboard. 
  4. In URL pattern field, type in your page URL.
  5. Specify if this is a conversion audience.
  6. Enter your desired Duration: the number of days that someone remains an active part of the audience. 
  7. When you're finished, click Create Audience

Exclude an Audience

Excluding an audience from a campaign means that we won't show ads to people in that audience. To exclude an existing audience:

  1. Go to the left navigation menu and click Website under Audiences.
  2. Click on the audience that you want to exclude.
  3. Under Campaigns with Audience, switch the Target toggle from Target to Exclude.
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