How to create a Contextual Targeting campaign

You can start a new campaign from either the Home tab or Ads tab.

From the Home tab: Click on Performance then click Create and select Web Ad Campaign from the dropdown.

From the Ads tab: Go to the Ads tab in the left navigation menu and click Ads > Create > Web Ad Campaign.

  1. Select Contextual Targeting as your marketing goal and click Next. Select Web then click Next.

  2. Next, under Campaign Settings, you can choose your campaign schedule by clicking Edit. You can select to start your campaign immediately upon approval or select a specific date. You can also select a specific date to end your campaign or have it run indefinitely. Click Done to move to the next step.


  3. Next, configure your Web channel.
      • Click Edit to choose set up your bid strategy.


      • Click Edit to configure your AdGroup.
          • Select an AdGroup name or create a custom AdGroup schedule.

          • Choose your site category targets.

          • Choose your web audience location.


          • Select your ads. You can choose from your Ad Library, create or upload ads, or requests free ads from us!

  4. Finally, click Edit to optimize your budget.


  5. Once you're done setting your campaign, scroll up to the top of the page and click Submit. You can also click Finish Later to save your campaign as a draft.


    Congratulations! You have now created a contextual targeting campaign. 
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