Complete Your Campaign

How to complete a campaign

  1. Navigate to the Social and Display Ads tab and click on the campaign name.
  2. Edit the campaign.
  3. Under Account Settings, set your end date to today.


Your campaign will complete at midnight UTC. If you need to complete a campaign right this minute, reach out to the Customer Support team.

Verify that your end date saved. If your campaign does not have an end date set, it will say "Ongoing" which means your campaign will continue to serve until you pause or complete it.  

Complete a recently-launched campaign

All campaigns must have a minimum run time of five days, so if you need to complete a pending or recently approved campaign, reach out to the Customer Support team.

Relaunch a completed campaign

To resume a completed campaign:

  1. Under the Social and Display Ads tab, locate your campaign in the summary table.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Remove or set a new campaign end date.
  4. Click Save.

Delete a campaign

AdRoll doesn't currently offer the capability to delete a campaign. To view only your active campaigns, use the Status filter and filter by the 'Current Campaign only' or 'Running' status.


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