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Event Segments

Event segments are useful if you want to build an audience based on click events rather than pages. Created by adding an additional bit of code to the onClick attribute of your JavaScript button, this type of segment is particularly useful for tracking events like form submissions.  

Use for:

  • JavaScript buttons
  • Tracking conversions that complete on a separate website; common with event promotion 

How do I create an event segment?

Go to the Audience section of your dashboard:


  1. Determine whether the event defines a visitor type of interest (“Segment Visitors”) or represents a completed goal (“Track Conversions”).

  2. Create a segment that will be associated with the event. Name the segment so that you can easily recognize it—for example, Submit_Form.

  3. Find a link that reads copy ID to clipboard below the space where you entered your segment name. This pulls a unique numeric segment ID to be used as the URL rule placeholder for the segment you are creating (and later to prepare your script).

    For now, you will use this ID under Segment Type and Rule. Making sure that you’ve selected “URL” as the segment type, enter a “+” and then paste the segment ID number in the corresponding field. Here’s an example:

  4. Enter your desired Duration—the number of days that the qualifying visitor should remain an active part of the segment.

  5. Save.


Prepare the script

Below is the script, called an event pixel, that you will need to tie the event in question to your event segment. Update the segment pixel by replacing the segment_ID in quotes with the unique segment ID we generated for you.

Using the segment ID from the example above, the completed event pixel looks like this:


Activate the event pixel

The event pixel should be triggered through the onClick function of the button on the page(s) where the event occurs. As an option, many of our advertisers place the script in an external JavaScript file that gets called during the click event.

The best practice here will depend on existing website structure. Consult your technical team.

Counting all clicks

Event segments are triggered when the user click the button, regardless of whether the action successfully goes through. For example, when a user attempts to submit an incomplete form with required fields, they will count as a click even if the form throws an error.

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