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Edit Automated Campaigns

To edit your budget, performance goal, or campaign schedule click the Edit link next to your Automated Campaigns in your Campaigns tab.

Edit Automated Campaigns:

  • Performance Goal
  • Budget
  • Dates
  • Add/Remove campaigns from automation

Edit Campaign:

  • Ad Creative
  • Geotargeting
  • Ad Groups & Segment Targeting
  • Frequency Caps


Add or remove individual campaigns from automated campaigns

Within the Edit menu for Automated Campaigns, you can control which campaigns are Automated or Not Automated. Automated Campaigns share budgets to prioritize the best performing ads. Standard campaigns have their own budget and don’t use the shared budget displayed under Budgets, Dates & Goals.


In order to add or remove a campaign from Automated Campaigns, use the toggle under the Automation column.


Add a campaign to automation

When you add a campaign to Automated Campaigns, its budget is added to the shared budget of the other Automated campaigns.


Remove a campaign from automation

When you remove a campaign from Automated Campaigns, its budget is removed from the shared Automated Campaign budget. The removed campaign will now have a separate budget, and the Automated Campaign shared budget will be reduced. This ensures that your total account-level budget stays the same if you remove a campaign from automation.

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