Impression-Based Audience

To define an impression-based audience, set an impression threshold. 


When to use an Impression-Based Audience

Sequential messaging

Change targeted and excluded audiences between campaigns. For example, show one message to visitors after they've been shown at least 15 impressions, and then target that segment in following campaigns.

Sequential and composite messaging

Use sequential messaging for different audiences. For example, define an audience by "at least 10 impressions," along with "/orders." Then, you can target people that have been to that URL and been shown at least 10 impressions.

Granular frequency caps

Exclude users after a certain number of impressions in campaigns.

Exclude an Audience

Excluding an audience from a campaign means that we won't show ads to people in that audience.

To exclude an existing audience:

  1. Click Website under Audiences in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on the audience that you want to exclude.
  3. Under Campaigns with Audience, switch the Target toggle from Target to Exclude.
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