Upgrade your Existing Shopify Account to our Shopify Integration

The AdRoll for Shopify integration is a free upgrade for your account, so you can run targeted cross-channel marketing campaigns from the data collected by your store.

Upgrading your account will unlock the following benefits:

  • Automatic pixel implementation. 
  • Product feed for dynamic ads and email campaigns.
  • Shopify predictive smart and rule-based audiences for email contacts.
  • Access to integrations with Yopto and other e-commerce apps.

In case, you have implemented the AdRoll Pixel Code via GTM or manually on the site, please make sure to remove it before connecting with Shopify because integrating with Shopify will implement the AdRoll Pixel automatically. 

GTM Pixel Removal

Please remove the AdRoll tag from your GTM container to deactivate it.

  1. Select the tag which uses the AdRoll Pixel.

  2. Delete the tag from the GTM container.


The AdRoll Pixel will no longer be active on the site.

Manual Pixel Removal

Manually removing the pixel code from your site requires editing of your theme.

  1. Navigate to your online store and select Themes.
  2. Go to your active Live theme, click on the Actions drop-down, and select Edit code.

  3. Go to Layout and select the theme.liquid template. Find your code above the head tag and delete the AdRoll Pixel.


  4. Save and double-check the code.

Installing AdRoll for Shopify

  1. Go to the AdRoll for Shopify App Listing and click on Add app. Make sure you are logged in to your AdRoll account.


  2. Click Connect to continue connecting your Shopify store to AdRoll.

  3. Click Install app to finish the process.

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