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Your Reports Tab

We provide a wide selection of data, allowing advertisers to choose the report best suited to their needs. From high-level overviews to granular metrics, advertisers are able to, customize, and schedule reports to share or simply to further understand your campaign performance.

Under your Reports tab, we’ve created a list of commonly used reports for analyzing your performance. Starting with one of these reports, you can filter your view by channel, type, and campaign status. You can also customize your Columns to view the metrics that are important to you. Break down these metrics using the Group By feature, which allows you to group by time intervals, campaigns, AdGroups, ads, and more.

Customize your reports

  1. Log in to AdRoll.
  2. Navigate to your Reports tab and click a Standard report that you want to view metrics for.
  3. Click Column.
  4. Customize your metrics and their order that you want for this report.
  5. To further customize the data granularity of your report, click Group By.
  6. Schedule your report
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