Compatible with WordPress version 4.4 and higher

The AdRoll for WooCommerce integration can be downloaded in two different ways, via:

  1. The WooCommerce Extensions Store
  2. The WordPress Plugins Store

Both options make it easy to connect your WooCommerce store to your AdRoll account. 

Note: AdRoll is not compatible with the WordPress plugin, "WP-Optimize".


Tag your site
Collect valuable shopper behavior data with the AdRoll pixel that is automatically placed on all pages of your website.

Access high-performing dynamic ads
Run dynamic ads and/or emails using your store’s product feed generated by the integration.

Create key audiences
Build high-intent audience lists based on shopper attributes and behaviors and target them in ad and email campaigns.

Enable conversion and ROAS tracking
Track the number of sales and amount of revenue driven by the AdRoll campaign using an automatically-created conversion segment that passes back exact conversion values.

Enable marketing recipes
Tell us your business objectives (e.g. convert cart abandoners) and we’ll use Marketing Recipes to guide you through creating just the right combination of web ads, social ads, and emails to tackle them.

Get started with AdRoll for WooCommerce

Option 1: Via the WooCommerce Extension

Option 2: Via the WordPress Plugin


Here are the step by step instructions for integrateing WooCommerce via the WordPress Plugin: 

  • Log into your WordPress account
  • Navigate to the “Plugin” page

  • Search for “AdRoll” in the “Search plugins…” box on the right-hand side

  • Click the “Install Now” button next to the AdRoll result
  • Once installed, click the “Activate” button

  • If you already have an AdRoll account, select “Click here to continue your setup”. If you do not have an AdRoll account, select “...you can create one for free here

 Creating Your AdRoll Account

  • Selecting to create a new account will take you to the screen below where you’ll have to fill out all the required fields

  • Verify the email address you entered by clicking on the blue button in the email you should have received

  • This will lead you back to your web browser with confirmation that you email address was verified

  • Select your plan - Enter your monthly unique website visitors to calculate the monthly cost of the Marketing and Ads Plus package. Or select “Opt out of social ads, email and ad credits” to select our Ads package

  • You will now enter the AdRoll platform where you’ll go through 3 set up steps: Welcome, Gather Consent, and Connect AdRoll. On the third “Connect AdRoll” step, you’ll select the “WooCommerce” card when you choose how you want to connect

  • Select “Start” on the pop-up window

  • Select “Continue” to grant AdRoll permissions to access store data to be used in advertising and/or email campaigns

  • This will redirect you to a WooCommerce screen when you’ll “Approve” the connection. After selecting “Approve”, it may take up to 90 seconds for the next screen to appear

  • You’ll be taken back to the AdRoll dashboard and you’ll see a “Let’s Connect AdRoll” message. You may be on this screen for up to 60 seconds before a new pop up appears. You’ll then want to select “Activate Plugin”.

  • You’ll briefly be redirected to WooCommerce and then back to AdRoll to select which profile you want to sync with AdRoll

  • On the next screen select the “Let’s Go” button and then your website should be successfully connected to your AdRoll account!

Now you’re ready to launch your first AdRoll campaign!

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