Billing Styles

AdRoll has two different billing styles:

To view your billing style:

  1. Log in to AdRoll.
  2. Click on Settings > Billing History.
  3. Your current billing style will appear next to Billing History.


If you manage multiple advertiser profiles, set up and manage multiple billing profiles from your account.

Automatic Postpaid Billing (weekly)

Automatic postpaid billing charges your payment method for actual spend on a weekly basis.

How it Works

Each week, we bill you automatically through a consolidated invoice of all weekly spend activity. We automatically charge your default payment method. To give our display partners enough time to report back for ad deliveries, we bill two full calendar days after the billing week has ended. 

When We Charge

We charge you for impressions served over a 7-day cycle. Your invoice is typically generated 3 days after the end of each cycle.

Payment Method Authorization

When you launch a campaign or edit your budget, we need to authorize your payment method to make sure it's valid and can support the budget. We authorize the weekly budget for all active and paused campaigns for all profiles under your billing account. Learn more about payment method authorization.

If our authorization attempt fails, your campaign won't launch. Please try another payment method or contact your bank to resolve this issue. Learn more about how to add another payment method.

Note: These authorizations are voided immediately and are not charges. How these appear on your bank or credit card statement depends on your financial institution.

Monthly Postpaid Billing

Monthly Postpaid billing is for managed accounts only, contingent upon credit approval and a signed insertion order. AdRoll will email an invoice after the end of each month and grant Net 30 payment terms. Postpaid billing payment is accepted by check or bank transfer.

How it Works

This service is only available to managed accounts. To be a managed account, you must meet certain spend minimums. To find out if you're eligible for postpaid billing, please reach out to the Customer Support team.

Postpaid customers receive a monthly invoice for our services and remit payment by the due date on the invoice. These customers are required to pass a credit review and sign an Insertion Order confirming media budgets.

When We Charge

Each month for services rendered. A due date will be listed on your invoice.

Note: Postpaid billing history is not visible from your AdRoll settings.

Prepaid Billing

Alert: AdRoll no longer actively offers Prepaid billing. Customers with the Prepaid billing style are moving to Postpaid billing.

Prepaid billing charges your payment method upfront for the total weekly budget(s) on a weekly basis.

How it Works

We can use the analogy of a gas tank to help understand how prepaid billing works. Each day you drive your car, your gas tank moves toward empty. Rather than allowing it to empty completely, you refill it so you have a full gas tank that can get you towards your destination.

Similarly, prepaid billing charges your total campaign budgets upfront every week. As your campaigns spend that budget, we'll charge the difference to bring your balance back to your total weekly budget. We call this total weekly budget your Required Balance. The amount of credit you have within your account at any time is called your Account Balance.

Required balance: amount of credit we need to cover the sum of your campaign budgets.

Account balance: amount of credit in your account at a given time.

Your required balance - your account balance = amount we charge to replenish your account.

When We Charge

There are two scenarios where you could be charged with prepaid billing:

  • You just launched a new campaign and don't have enough credit in your account balance to cover your campaign budget.

  • Your campaign is spending and we need to replenish your account balance for the upcoming week (7-day cycle).

    This means that if you complete or pause a campaign when the invoice was generated, a new invoice will still be generated two full calendar days later for the activity prior to the campaign stop.

Switching Styles

To switch your billing style from prepaid to automatic postpaid, please reach out to our Customer Support team or to your Account Manager. To switch from our automated billing systems to a monthly billing system, you must meet the minimum spend qualifications outlined in our pricing page. Learn more about our pricing options.

View Your Account Balance

Your live account balance is located in the top right-hand corner of your Billing History. Your account balance represents the amount of credit you have available to purchase campaigns (if positive) or the amount owed to AdRoll for spend already incurred (if negative). Learn more about your billing and invoice history.

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