Understanding Your Billing History

When we attempt to charge your card, an associated invoice will appear in Settings > Billing History. The invoice breaks down why we attempted to charge that amount and if we were able to do so successfully.

If your billing method is Automatic Post-Pay, you can see all current charges by clicking View Details next to Amount Due. If you're a Pre-Paid account, you'll see a summary of Required CreditRemaining Credit, and Current Cycle Charges at the top of your Billing History.

What's in Your Billing History

Your Billing History shows an overview of all invoices issued for your account, along with the option to download invoices and account information.

Available Downloads

All Invoices as PDFs This will download a zip file with all of your invoices, each as a PDF.
Download a Payments Report as a CSV This will download a CSV report showing all your past payments, sorted by date, and including a description, the payment method used, and the corresponding invoice number.

Invoices Table

Invoice Number The invoice reference number for our system and for your records.

The current status of the invoice.

Posted: You have an open invoice that still needs to be paid. The amount owed is listed under the Amount Due column.

Paid: We were able to successfully collect the amount owed. The amount charged to the payment method on file is listed under the Total column.

No Amount Owed: You had enough credit in your account balance to cover the required balance for the upcoming week (Pre-Pay Billing) or to cover the amount owed in the invoice (Automatic Post-Pay Billing). No charge was made to the payment method on file, and no further amount is owed. The amount of credit deducted from your existing account balance is listed under the Total column.

Date The date range listed is the period accounted for in that invoice.
Total The total amount charged on a particular invoice.
Amount Due Amount due if there is still an amount owed.
Paid By The payment method that paid the corresponding invoice.

View an Invoice

Click on the Invoice Number to pull up a detailed breakdown of an invoice. Under Summary, you'll see the Invoice TotalPayment, and any remaining Amount Due.

You can sort the invoice Activity, or choose to view All Transaction Types

Date The date that the posted activity occurred.
Campaign If applicable, the campaign where the activity occurred.
Type The type of activity, for example Charge, Budget Change, or Payment.
Amount The amount of the posted activity.

Your invoice tells you which payment method was used and how much was charged. If we charged your payment method successfully, Amount Due will read $0.00.

Learn More about how to make a payment on a posted invoice.

Edit Company Information on an Invoice

Any information that you provide in Settings > Company Information will appear at the top of every invoice. To change it, open an invoice and click Edit under Billed To.

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