Remove AdRoll Pixel from my website

The AdRoll Pixel is used for audience tracking. As an integral part of the initial setup, it is placed on the advertised website. 

The process of removing the Pixel will depend on its implementation method. It is recommended to keep the Pixel active in your website at all times to ensure correct tracking.

Manually placed code

If the Pixel code was manually placed in the website code, it will need to be deleted by reversing the process — editing the code and removing the Pixel. 

via Google Tag Manager placed Pixel

Please remove the AdRoll tag from your GTM container to deactivate it.

  1. Select the tag which uses the AdRoll Pixel.


  2. Delete the tag from the GTM container.


  3. Publish the changes. Once done, the AdRoll Pixel will no longer be active on the site.

via Shopify integration

If your AdRoll account was integrated with Shopify, please uninstall the AdRoll plugin from your Shopify account. This will remove the AdRoll Pixel, as well as sever the ecommerce integration.

Here is a Shopify article on removing apps for reference:

After the Pixel code is removed, the PixelPal Chrome extension can be used in order to ensure audience tracking was successfully disabled.

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