Set Up Your Pixel for Dynamic Ads

To run dynamic ads, you'll need to connect your product feed to AdRoll. A product feed is a file containing information about all of the products on your website. Dynamic ads leverage content from your product feed file to be loaded when your ad is displayed.

To connect your product feed:

      1. Place your AdRoll Pixel and make sure it's active.

      2. Add the Product ID Code.

        Once you've placed the AdRoll pixel, the product ID should be set up to pass back on all product pages. In order to match product views on your site to your product feed, we need to use a unique identifier as the PRODUCT ID. This is done through the javascript snippet below. Add this snippet right below your AdRoll Pixel on all product pages:

        Make sure the PRODUCT ID you set in your pixel matches the identifier in your feed.

        Set it as a variable on the appropriate page:

        adroll_custom_data= {"product_id":"foo","product_action":"AddToCart"};

        Or on the event, call the following function:

        __adroll.record_user({product_id: “foo”, product_action: "AddToCart"})


      3. Product Actions

        Product Actions allow the use of custom pixel events to control what products are displayed, or not displayed, based on an action. Product actions affect the most powerful product recommendations for both dynamic ads and Onsite.

        Please use the following values, verbatim, to indicate product actions:

        • “AddToCart”
        • “Purchased”

        Once you determine the product action to accompany each product, select a Product Action passback method. There are two options:

        Multiple product ID’s can be passed back for a single action in an array.
      4. Product Action Confirmation

        To confirm data is being passed back correctly, open browser developer tools, click the network tab, and locate a call to You should see the data appended as parameters in the URL.


Next, set up your product feed.

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