Optimizing Budget Fulfillment with AdRoll Pro

Users of AdRoll Pro can use Budget Fulfillment Optimization. This feature automatically optimizes an advertisable's aggregate spend and performance goals.

How it Works

When a goal is opted in, we automatically monitor and evaluate performance to better manage account spending across multiple campaigns.

Eligibility and onboarding

Each budget group must have the following enabled and kept up-to-date to qualify for budget fulfillment optimization:

  • Spend Tracker budgets: There must be active and spending campaigns inside the budget group.
  • Performance Goals: All active campaigns within each budget group must be associated with a Performance Goal.

Once each budget group meets this criteria, you can enable the optimization to drive better performance and budget fulfillment automatically.

There are specific scenarios that are not supported. This includes the following:

  • Accounts in which the end client makes frequent campaign-level budget changes or modifications. This can interfere with the ability to drive towards better performance and budget fulfillment programmatically.
  • Accounts with budget periods of less than 7 days and budgets longer than 184 days.
  • Un-managed accounts.
  • All Email Campaigns.
  • Certain combinations of Performance Goals and campaigns. For example, cross-channel campaigns containing retargeting and prospecting campaigns cannot use CPA as the Performance Goal since prospecting campaigns do not support CPA.

Optimization Details and Schedule

Optimization strategies are automatically performed on opted-in budgets, with campaign-level budget modifications and reallocations happening daily. If a change has been made to the overall opted-in budget, it will apply in ~20 minutes instead of waiting for the next day.

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