Ad Library

Any ads you upload, create, or request will be stored in your Ad Library. You can search for your ads by name, size, inventory, URL, or use filter options. 

You can upload, create, or request ads from the ads library, or during the process of creating a campaign. 

Contribute to Your Ad Library

Upload or create ads using the buttons on the top right in your Ad Library. When you upload new ads from your Ad Library, you can add them to active campaigns as soon as they're approved.

  • You can Upload Web Display and Video Ads, Facebook & Instagram Image and Video Ads, and Native Ads.
  • You can Create native ads, and where enabled, dynamic ads. Managed accounts can also create 3rd party ad tags. 

Check out the Ad Format guidelines to view specific ad size, format, and content guidelines to make sure your ads comply with our policies.

For help adding ads to your library, see the page for the specific ad type you’re trying to upload from the Ads page.

Edit Ads

To edit one or more ads, select the ad(s). This will display the  Edit, Clone, and Delete buttons at the top of the page. Follow the option to Edit

These options can also be reached by hovering over the ad you’d like to edit, and clicking on the ‘ … ‘ button which appears on the right of the row. 

  • For web ads, you can edit:
    • Ad’s name and
    • Destination URL
  • For Facebook, Instagram, and Native ads you can edit:
    • Ad’s name
    • Destination URL
    • Text which accompanies your ad image
  • For facebook & Instagram, you can:
    • Manage an optional call-to-action button

Note: When you edit an active Facebook or Instagram ad, a duplicate will automatically be made.

Bulk Edits

  1. Select all ads you want to update, and then click Edit. This can be a mix of any ad types. 
  2. Edit the field(s) you wish to change.
  3. When a field is edited, the Apply to all button will appear. Click to have the new text applied to all selected ads which have this field type.
  4. Save.

Note: Any edits made to the ads will trigger the Ad Review Process, and so the changes may not reflect immediately, it may take a couple of hours for the updates to be reflected on the dashboard. 

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