AdRoll Rewards Program

In November 2022, AdRoll launched the AdRoll Rewards Program, available for Shopify merchants. This program gives Shopify merchants 10% back on any web advertising spend. This recurring ad credit allows AdRoll customers to use the Shopify integration to make their marketing and advertising dollars go further without expanding their budgets.


Any customer who signed up for AdRoll after April 1, 2022, and who uses our free Shopify Integration may be eligible to earn credits that start accruing on November 1, 2022.

All eligible customers will be enrolled and will earn credits automatically -- customers don’t need to do anything to take advantage of these rewards!

Alert: If a customer disconnects their Shopify store by removing the Shopify Integration, they will no longer earn Ad Credits (although they will still be able to redeem any credits already earned).

Continuous Credit for our Marketing and Ads+ package customers

Starting November 1, 2022, any and all customers on our Marketing and Ads+ packages who are also using our free Shopify integration automatically accrue credits, and are eligible to continue earning credits indefinitely for as long as they continue using our free Shopify Integration and have our Marketing and Ads+ package! 

One year of Credit for Ads, Starter, and Growth package customers who joined after April 1, 2022

Starting on November 1, 2022, any customers who joined after 4/1/22 and have AdRoll’s Ads, Starter, or Growth packages and are also using our free Shopify integration will automatically accrue reward credit for one year.

Customers with the Ads package can upgrade to a Marketing and Ads+ package at any time to continue earning credit beyond the one-year cut period!

For our Advanced Package Customers

Customers on our Advanced Package are not eligible for the AdRoll Rewards Program (this is because they are already getting our best deal possible on extra ad credit).

Qualifying Spend

  • Any advertising dollars that are spent on website advertising (native and/or display ads) will receive a 10% ad credit on a rolling basis.
  • There is no spend minimum or maximum for the ad credit.
  • Ad credit is earned on invoiced, paid spend.
Alert: This means that ad credit will not be earned on spend that is covered by other credits.
  • Ad credits can only be redeemed for the store that earned the credit. For example, an agency can not redeem ad credits for Store B that were earned through ad spend on campaigns for Store A.

Ad Credit Issuance and Expiration

Customers will be issued their ad credits when they pay an invoice for the ad spend that earned the related credit. The issuance and expiration of the ad credit will depend on the customer’s Billing Style. 

For customers who are billed weekly for ad spend: 

Each time a weekly ad spend invoice is paid, we will calculate and issue a Shopify bonus credit for 10% of that paid invoice amount.  

The credit issued will be eligible to be used for 30 days, starting the day after the invoice the credit was earned on.

For customers who are billed monthly for ad spend: 

If a customer was eligible for the entirety of a calendar month, then credit will be issued as 10% of that paid monthly invoice amount. Credit will be issued at the start of the calendar month following invoice payment, and will be good until the end of the calendar month.

Where can I see the Reward Credit I have earned?

For customers who are billed monthly by our Accounts Receivable department, the credit will only be visible as a line item applied to your monthly invoice. 

For customers who are automatically billed weekly for ad spend, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into your account and go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Billing and Subscriptions

  3. Select Plan & Usage and at the top of the page, you will see:
    • How many credits you earned in your last eligible period
    • The dates of your ad spend that earned the credits
    • The expiration date of the credits earned


You can also see the credit that has been applied to your invoices by viewing the invoices in the Billing History section under the same Settings page. 

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