Ad Credits Guide

What is an ad credit?

AdRoll uses “ad credits” as a means of distributing funds that you can use on your advertising campaigns within the AdRoll platform. An ad credit is quite literally us crediting your account with funds to use on ads.

Ad credits are available through a recurring subscription or an annual agreement. Currently, our Ad credits are available via our Marketing & Ads Plus Package. Please note that ad credits are available for use on all ads on the AdRoll platform except ads purchased from social media platforms through connected social ads.

When and how can I use ad credits?

We have 3 types of ad credits, that are slightly different from one another. You can learn more about them below;

The Marketing & Ads Plus Package includes three types of ad credits:

  1. Signup ad credit: A credit to your account just for signing up! The signup ad credit is available immediately upon signup for your first 30 days (expires after your first 30 days).

  2. Package ad credits: A credit to your account, every month, included in your package! The Marketing & Ads Plus Package comes with an ad credit for every new month you’re on the package; available throughout the current month and expires when the next month starts (i.e. no “rollover”).

  3. Annual purchase ad credit: A credit to your account for purchasing the Marketing & Ads Plus Package for a year upfront! This is available immediately upon transaction (after your first 30 days free), the amount of up to $700 can be used throughout the year that was purchased (expires when the year purchased ends).

Any available ad credits are used first, or before you are billed for your ad spend. For example: if you had $125 in ad credit and spent $200, we would use your ad credits first and you would only be billed for the $75 remainder.

Note: Ad credits are applicable after the campaign launch and commencement of service. They cannot be used for authorization during the campaign setup phase.

You can view your ad credit balance at any time on the “Plan and Usage” page under Settings on your dashboard. 

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