What is Email Verification? 

Email verification is the process of ensuring that an email address belongs to you or your company, or that you have access to the email address account. 

What are the benefits of email verification? 

Email verification is the most effective way to ensure that we are protecting personal information and verifying real customers email addresses.

If a typo is entered in an email address when you sign up to AdRoll, we are able to identify this much quicker via email verification. This prevents you from not being able to access your account at a later date due to incorrect sign up details. It also ensures that we have accurate information for your account, and that marketing and transactional emails always reach the right inbox! 

I’m a new customer — how do I verify my email address? 

When you sign up to AdRoll, you are required to verify your email address in order to activate your account. You can find steps here on how to verify your email address

I’m an existing customer — how do I verify my email address?

If you already have an AdRoll account, then you will just need to verify your email address if you ever change your current email address. You can find detailed instructions on email verification and changing your email address on this page

Having trouble verifying your email?

Please see our Email Verification Troubleshooting and Guidance page.

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