Brand Awareness Performance and Optimizations

Because a Brand Awareness campaign lives in the top of your funnel, its performance will be reflected through different metrics than your mid and lower funnel campaigns.

While a retargeting campaign will look at conversion metrics like CPA and ROAS, an upper funnel Brand Awareness campaign will look at visitor data.


Most default attribution models focus on the last event (usually click or view) that occurs before the conversion takes place. Because your Brand Awareness campaign is the very first interaction a potential customer has with your brand, it is unlikely that it will also be the very last interaction they have before converting. Although it is not impossible to see conversions be attributed back to your Brand Awareness campaign, it is far less frequent and not a reliable way of determining the effectiveness of the campaign. Instead, look at the metrics indicating how effective the campaign is at driving new traffic to your site and use more long term reporting and attribution data to determine if that traffic is resulting in conversions.

How Can I Improve Performance?

There are two areas to consider when looking to optimize your upper funnel campaigns - the audience that you’re reaching and the message you’re reaching them with. We recommend optimizing these two areas one at a time in order to better measure how the changes impact performance. 

Testing Ads

When thinking about the ads you plant to run in your upper funnel campaign, keep in mind that this ad will be the first interaction new potential customers have with your brand.

  • Does the imagery properly convey the breadth of what your brand has to offer?
  • Would the messaging still resonate with someone who has no familiarity with your brand?
  • Are your top value propositions included?
  • Is there a strong call to action?

Don’t be afraid to A/B test different components of the ad like the imagery or messaging. As always, try to limit your testing to one component at a time so that you’re able to more easily discern what is and isn’t working.

Testing the Audience

Can I Still See if this New Traffic Converts?

The short answer - yes! Once you’re comfortable with the Brand Awareness specific reporting, you can begin to explore our attribution reporting which aims to provide you with as much data as possible to learn where your AdRoll campaigns fit in your funnel.

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