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View-Through Conversion Window

As we continue to innovate and understand what works best for our customers, we're always changing. Lately, we’ve taken an inward look on attribution and done some testing to help us understand how to best set you up for success. 

During this testing, we took a look at incremental conversions - conversions that would not have happened without the help of AdRoll - and found that 97% of incremental conversions happen within 7 days of viewing an ad. Based on these findings, we're changing the default view-through window to 7 days.


What This Means for You

Our previous view-through conversion window was 30 days. If someone saw your ad and then made a conversion within 30 days, we would assign credit. Through our new testing, we found that most incremental conversions happen within 7 days of seeing an ad, so we're automatically updating your view-through window.


Why Was this Window Previously 30 Days?

We’ve always understood that view-through conversions were important, but based on the information that we had, we knew that the view-through window – the amount of time from seeing an ad to making a conversion – was different between various verticals. For example, B2B customers typically behave differently than retail customers. We set a window of 30 days to accommodate all use cases, but we've since found that a shorter window works just as well.  


Will I See Changes to Performance in My Account?

Although 97% of incremental conversions occur within 7 days, we expect that for some customers, there will be an impact in the short term. This means CPA might increase, but this will enable better measurement and focus on incremental conversions, which will ultimately benefit our customers.


Can I Still Change My View-Through Window?

Yes! AdRoll still offers the control and flexibility in this feature, and if you know that your view-through windows should be longer (or shorter), you can update this by going to SettingsAttribution Settings.


How Did We Run Our Testing?

We used our own proprietary lift measurement paired with TrailDB, an open source library.

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