View-Through Conversion Window

According to our testing, 97% of incremental conversions happen within 7 days of viewing an ad. Based on these findings, our default view-through window is 7 days.

We’ve always understood that view-through conversions were important, but based on the information that we had, we knew that the view-through window – the amount of time from seeing an ad to making a conversion – was different between various verticals. For example, B2B customers typically behave differently than retail customers. We set a window of 30 days to accommodate all use cases, but we've since found that a shorter window works just as well.  

Changing Your View-Through Window

AdRoll puts you in control of your view-through window -- set a longer or shorter window according to your needs. To adjust your window: 

  1. Go to the Campaign Attribution tab.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to View-Through Credit.
  4. Adjust the window under Lookback.
  5. Click Apply.

How Did We Run Our Testing?

We used our own proprietary lift measurement paired with TrailDB, an open source library.

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