Campaign Not Serving Ads

Check your campaign status

If it is still pending, click here for more information.

If your campaign is paused, you'll need to unpause it for it to resume.

If your campaign has a start date set to begin in the future, you can edit the campaign to remove the start date and begin immediately.

If your campaign is completed (ended), Edit the Campaign and set a new End Date to resume it.

If your campaign is suspended, your campaign has been suspended by AdRoll admin because of a problem, typically something to do with billing or campaign content. Reach out to the Customer Support team to learn more.

Check the audiences you're targeting

Make sure that your targeted segments are still collecting visitors. If your website has changed recently, your AdRoll Pixel or URLs could have been affected, which can cause your segments to zero after some time.

If your website has low traffic, we recommend targeting your All Visitors segment, at least to start. The more data we're able to collect initially about your visitor behaviors as they interact with your campaign, the more we'll be able to optimize for performance later.

If you are targeting a very specific audience with your campaign, make sure that your target visitor segment has had enough time to grow. If no one is watching, we won't have anyone to serve to.

If you are excluding any visitor segments, please make sure that your excluded segment is smaller than your targeted segment. 

Check with the Customer Support team

Review mistakes happen. Sometimes even though we feel that your website or ad content looks good, our partner ad networks may flag something during their review of your campaign.

And bugs happen. If you can't find a reason for why your campaign is not serving, reach out to the Customer Support team and we'll help you sort it out.

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