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Update Payment Information

You can update your payment information at any time by going to SettingsBilling Information.

Your Default Payment Method will be the payment method used to pay your invoices.


Change Your Payment Method

  1. To change your payment method, navigate to SettingsPayment Methods.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter your Billing Information.

  4. Add a new Credit Card or PayPal Account.

  5. Click Add.


Remove Payment Methods

We need to have at least one payment method on file if you've launched a campaign. To remove extra payment methods, click X. If the X option is not shown, it means that there is only one payment method in the billing account. The payment method must be replaced in order for Remove to be available. 

Removing a payment means that the payment method can't be used as backup anymore. We recommend uploading at least one other payment method as backup to avoid any interruption in campaign activity.

Learn more about understanding your Billing History.


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